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Lucy Parson Labs Hold Letter Writing Party


posted by: lucy_parsons_labs

Chicago, IL - The Lucy Parsons Lab recently sat down with activists, a cute dog, and friends to write letters to prisoners for the holidays. The LPL member compiled a list of prisoners and another friend host our event. So around a big kitchen table we wrote over forty letters and postcards to an array of prisoners.


Our list of political prisoners was populated with individuals like Jeremy Hammond, Jason Hammond, Barrett Brown, Chelsea Manning, members of the Angola 3, members of the MOVE 9 and many more. We also wrote to imprisoned animal rights and environmental activists, which the government represses under the power of the national security state. The LPL made a conscious decision to write prisoners during the holidays, a time when prisoners may feel particularly far from friends and family.

One of our long term goals is to do these events more frequently, at least on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in joining us in the future, please get in touch. Solidarity to all prisoners.

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