SecureDrop is a platform for leaking documents to journalists securely and without compromising sources. LPL has launched Black Rose, our SecureDrop instance. We are the only group running an instance in Chicago and will be assisting journalists in breaking stories.

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Current Projects

We have a current partnership with MuckRock, the FOIA transparency organization, into the Chicago Police Departments use of 1505 funds. Based on civil asset forfeiture, 1505 is a slush fund that CPD maintains, with a significant portion of their purchases going into purchasing surveillance equipment.

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OpenOversight is a Lucy Parsons Labs project to improve police accountability using public and crowdsourced data. We maintain a database of police officers and provide a digital gallery that allows the public to identify the name and badge number of a police officer they would like to file a complaint about.

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The Lucy Parsons Labs Online Store

Official Lucy Parsons Labs merch is hitting the streets through a new on-line store to help fund projects and cover costs. Read More ›

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