Secure Drop

Lucy Parsons Labs operates Black Rose, our instance of SecureDrop. SecureDrop is an open-source whistleblower platform built for anonymity through the Tor network and using strong encryption. Black Rose is Chicago’s first public instance of SecureDrop. In a city of widespread political corruption and deep corporate ties, there is a strong need for a high-security platform for leaks. Chicago’s long and unbroken history of police brutality leaves it in deep need of public scrutiny. Leak us secrets and we will publish them to the world.

Before using our SecureDrop, please read our privacy policy first. Never contact us over insecure channels like email or Twitter.

How to submit documents

  1. Download and install the Tor Browser.
  2. With the Tor Browser open, copy and paste the URL http://qn4qfeeslglmwxgb.onion/ into the address bar. This page contains further instructions for uploading documents.
  3. You will be assigned a randomly generated, unique code name. Do not lose this code name. It is the only way we will be able to contact you. You will need it to check for messages from us.

After uploading to us, we will review your submission and pass it on to a trusted journalist with access to our SecureDrop. Please keep a close eye on our Warrant Canary which we update manually every month.

Protecting yourself

Take care to separate your digital traces from your real identity as much as possible. Only access SecureDrop from wifi networks that are not associated with your usual locations. We recommend using a computer that you are confident has not been compromised. Do not use an employer-provided computer. For additional security we strongly recommend downloading and using Tails. Tails is a live operating system that runs on a thumb drive, leaves no trace on your computer, and routes all connections through the Tor network.

Additional information

Please include in your submission any requests you might have. For example, if you would like the data to be immediately published, worked on by a specific journalist, or withheld until after a specific date, let us know. We will respect your requests. If you have multiple submissions or a large submission, you may need to break it up into several uploads.

Secure Drop

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