Lucy Parsons Labs' SecureDrop instance

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog SecureDrop is a platform for leaking documents to journalists securely and without compromising sources. The team at LPL is happy to announce Black Rose, our implementation of SecureDrop in Chicago. To date, we are the only group in Chicago operating an instance and will using alongside journalists to help expose corruption. Read More ›


Primer on Police Surveillance Tech in Chicago

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Chicago is one of the most heavily surveilled cities in the world. We have written a guide that summarizes the surveillance technologies currently in use, explores individual technologies, summarizes how they are paid for and describes their efficacy. Read More ›


LPL Member Wins in Court to Force Release of Stingray Documents

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog The Director of Lucy Parsons Labs wins motions to force the release of documents related to Stingray use in Chicago Read More ›


Lucy Parson Labs Hold Letter Writing Party

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog LPL members held a letter writing campaign for political prisoners. Read More ›


Lucy Parson Labs Members File a Pair of Lawsuits

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog LPL members sue Chicago Police Department for failing to comply with FOIA. Read More ›