Lucy Parsons Labs Launches OpenOversight

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Lucy Parsons Labs has launched a new police accountability tool -- OpenOversight -- based on public records and open source data collection on Chicago Police Read More ›


Lucy Parsons Labs obtains records of Stingray Deployments in Chicago

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Recently LPL settled a lawsuit with the City of Chicago over Stingray use. Here's what we found Read More ›


LPL Investigates Use of Civil Asset Forfeiture by Chicago Police

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Chicago Police seize money from residents and use it to purchase surveillance technology and continue the war on drugs Read More ›


The State of IMSI Catching Catching

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Recently, the Lucy Parsons Labs was sent an email about detecting IMSI catchers, often called Stingrays, at protests. Our experience detecting IMSI catchers in the last year is below. Read More ›


We Uphold These Principles...

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog We uphold these principles by fighting for transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law. Read More ›