Solidarity with Dane Powell and the J20 Protestors

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Lucy Parsons Labs stands in solidarity with all those arrested at the Inauguration protests in Washington D.C. Read More ›


Illinois Legislature Passes Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog The Illinois Legislature became the latest body to pass comprehensive reforms around civil asset forfeiture with HB 303. This bill creates strong reporting requirements, raises the level of evidence needed for forfeitures and expedites hearings for innocent victims of seizures. The bill awaits signing by the Governor. Read More ›


Documents expose how Cook County's Civil Asset Forfeiture hits the poor the hardest

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog A new report by Reason based on documents obtained by Lucy Parsons Labs shows that civil asset forfeiture primarily targets the poor. Our documents are an archive directly from the State's Attorney's office which include all money seized with amounts, their exact GPS location, as well as cars, electronics and miscellaneous amounts seized. It is a follow-up on a previous investigation by Lucy Parsons Labs, Joel Handley and the Chicago Reader. Read More ›


Solidarity with accused leaker of NSA material #RealityWinner

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog The Lucy Parsons Labs stands with Reality Winner, who was arrested last week and accused of leaking material to The Intercept. We applaud Courage Foundation for launching a campaign to support her and call on our supporters to stand with her. Read More ›


The Lucy Parsons Labs Online Store

Lucy Parsons Labs Blog Official Lucy Parsons Labs merch is hitting the streets through a new on-line store to help fund projects and cover costs. Read More ›