Whois LPL

Freddy Martinez, Director


Freddy Martinez (@B_meson) is a reformed physicist who now works as a system administrator by night. Currently his focus is on police accountability and transparency while other interests include computer security, hacking and open source software. A long-time Chicagoan, his focus for the future includes issues around cell phone privacy, working with marginalized communities and the intersection of digital rights and activism.

Jennifer Helsby, CTO


Jennifer Helsby (@redshiftzero) is a Ford-Mozilla fellow at the Freedom of the Press Foundation where she works on the SecureDrop anonymous whistleblowing platform. Previously she was a postdoctoral researcher at UChicago’s Computation Institute, where she worked on implementing machine learning methods to problems in public policy. Jennifer completed her Ph.D. in astrophysics at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago.

Mason Donahue, CSO


Mason Donahue (@r4v5) is a systems administrator at a Chicago company. In his spare time, he helps run a local hackerspace, tends to a herd of mostly-broken 3D printers, and works to protect digital privacy.

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