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How Police Are Watching You on Social Media
City Lab from the Atlantic, December 2016
Lucy Parsons Labs obtained documents showing how police departments in Cook County monitor and shape social media—and how police create fake accounts to get nonpublic social media data.

How Chicago Police Convinced Courts to Let Them Track Cellphones Without a Warrant
The Intercept, October 2016
Lucy Parsons Labs released almost 300 pages of FOIA documents related to CPD use of Stingrays to journalists at The Intercept.

Inside the Chicago Police Department’s Secret Budget
Chicago Reader, September 2016
In collaboration with journalist Joel Handley and the Chicago Reader, Lucy Parsons Labs published an investigation into the use of civil asset forfeiture by Chicago Police. We show how Chicago Police seize millions from citizens and how they use this money to fund narcotics units and buy controversial surveillance equipment. You can view a full visualization of our investigations results.

Internal police records point to the identity of the officer who fatally shot Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier
Chicago Reader, January 2016
Lucy Parsons Labs worked with a journalist to obtain public records that confirmed the identity of a Chicago police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed woman.

In the News

New website helps public identify Chicago police officers in misconduct complaints
Washington Times, October 2016
Freddy Martinez on OpenOversight

Anonymously Leaking Documents to Journalists in Chicago Just Got Easier
Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV, March 2016
Coverage of the Lucy Parsons Labs SecureDrop

Tales from the Crypto Party
Featured on the Chicago Reader front cover, April 2015
Freddy Martinez and Jennifer Helsby discuss CryptoParties hosted by Lucy Parsons Labs, events designed to pass on knowledge about how to protect yourself in the digital space.

David vs. Goliath: Baby-faced millennial takes on Chicago Police Department
WGN-TV Chicago, May 2015
Freddy Martinez on Chicago police cellphone tracking

Selected Coverage of Lawsuits Against the Chicago Police Department

Chicago owes lawyers over $120,000 for defense against two stingray cases
Ars Technica, April 2015
Freddy Martinez discusses his FOIA lawsuits against the Chicago Police

Freddy Martinez Is Exposing Chicago Cops’ NSA-Style Surveillance Gear
VICE, March 2015
Coverage of Freddy Martinez’s second suit against the Chicago police department to uncover how they’ve used Stingray technology.

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