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Resisting the Chicago Heat List (September 2018)

Will Pierce will discuss LPL’s work shedding light on the Chicago Police Department’s algorithmic mass surveillance at the University of Ottawa Department of Criminology in Ontario, Canada. The event is part of a week of special events celebrating the department’s 50th anniversary.

Surveillance Studies Network / Surveillance & Society Biannual Conference (June 2018)

At SSN 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark, Will Pierce gave a presentation on “Predestination and Prediction: State Surveillance in Reformation England,” exploring the relationships between historical forms of surveillance and present-day issues like predictive policing and the racialized impact of algorithmic decision-making.

Aaron Swartz Day (November 2017)

LPL members attended this conference—held in memory of the late Aaron Swartz at the Internet Archive in San Fransisco—where they led and participated in a SecureDrop hackathon.

The Color of Surveillance (April 2016)

Hosted by by Georgetown Law, the conference focused on the policing and surveillance of black communities. LPL Director Freddy Martinez gave a primer on Stingray devices, also known as IMSI catchers, and their role in the monitoring of the black community.

32c3 (December 2015)

At Chaos Computer Club (#32C3), Jennifer Helsby, CTO of Lucy Parsons Labs, presented on the mass quantities of data being incorporated into predictive systems. While these algorithms operate in the dark their use has had many consequences, both intentional and unintentional. Her talk covered issues of fairness and accountability involved in controlling algorithms for media, policy, and policing.

DEF CON 23 (August 2015)

At DEF CON 23, Jennifer Helsby presented in the Crypto and Privacy Village on the privacy implications of machine learning. Freddy Martinez presented on IMSI Catchers and practical counter-surveillance. (Video)

THOTCON 0x5 (April 2014)

At THOTCON 0x5, a Chicago-area information security conference, Freddy Martinez discussed the technical workings of IMSI Catchers and his work to uncover their use by police in Chicago.

Community Meetings

Chi Hack Night is Chicago’s weekly event to build, share, and learn about civic tech. In June of 2016, Jennifer Helsby and Freddy Martinez presented on the deployment of LPL’s SecureDrop system. (Video)

The Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) hosted a workshop on surveillance self-defense in Chicago in March, 2016. Jennifer Helsby presented on the current state of local police surveillance. Groups from across the city participated, including Chicago GNU/Linux Users Group, Restore the Fourth-Chicago, and the National Lawyers Guild Chicago Chapter. Learn more.

In partnership with Chicago CryptoParty, Lucy Parsons Labs organizes privacy and digital security trainings. In these hands-on workshops, participants are encouraged to bring their own devices to get personalized advice.

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